why does google put a "1" in front of local phone numbers - and I can't edit

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I put phone numbers on my contacts without a "1" which is long distance and now
all of them have it and I can't get rid of it...the numbers also have no - between
so harder to read.


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Jul 1, 2013
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Just to clear things up...

1 is the Country Code that is assigned to the USA

Dialing a photo number with an area code the same as the number you are dialing from is not long distance... example...if your phone number is 240-444-4444 and you dialed 240-555-5555 then that would not be a Long Distance Call

Also, unless your mobile phone plan is different than anything I am used to seeing, Mobile Phone plans don't have Long Distance calling since it is generally not considered a long distance call to call from one area code to another using a cell phone since cell phones use wireless networks.

Lastly, it is actually generally a good idea to dial a phone number starting with the 1 in front of the number you wish to dial, since most modern phone systems are looking for the Country Code to be used before the Area Code and the Phone Number.

With most business phone systems...such as Cisco and Avaya, a person needs to dial 9+1+Area Code+Phone Number to place a call outside of the company. For example...if I was going to call 571-555-5555, from the desk phone in my office, I would need to dial 9-1-571-555-5555

So in summary, Google is actually doing you a favor by adding the 1 in front of the phone number.