Why Does My Alcatel 3V Interfere With Norton Security App ?

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Alcatel 3V - Android 8 with Norton Security installed.

The Norton app keeps having its Anti-Malware/Web Protection feature turned off and I don't know if the Norton app is doing it or if Android OS is the cause.

All the other features of Norton remain fully functional, including staying signed in to my Norton Account in the app. When the turning off of the Anti-Malware/Web Protection occurs, you have to set it up again by going into the Android settings and authorising Norton to protect your browsing.

I have tried all the usual 'clear the cache and re-start' remedies but nothing works. The app features described get turned off whenever it suits - it can be a couple of minutes or several hours. I don't think there is anything wrong with either the Norton app or the Android OS. It seems that a certain setting, somewhere on the phone, needs changing in order to cure the problem.

This strange problem is common between Norton Security and Android 8 on the Alcatel 3V, but despite this, no-one seems to know the solution. Any expert assistance would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.