Why does my brand new Galaxy S4 battery drain so fast?

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Brand new phone, fast battery drain for no reason, please help


Just got a brand new samsung galaxy s 4 with verizon the other day. The battery is either profoundly atrocious, somehow worse than my 2.5 year old smartphone (samsung galaxy s) before this. I know there are some other threads about this, but as far as I can tell my issue seems to be a bit different.

I have all of the advanced functions, gestures, eye tracking etc. turned off. location services off. Ive disabled most of the bloatware that came on the phone. Here is whats happened so far today since I unplugged the phone at 100% charge.

The battery has gone down to 87% in about 1.2 hours. during that time I used the phone for about 29 minutes doing very light web browsing and texting. The battery meter shows that the screen is using 50% of the battery usage. followed by android system at 21%, android os at %7 and a few other things at 4 or 5% each. I have the screens brightness turned down to only about 20% Yesterday, with the same settings, the battery barely made it through the day and the only thing I used it for was moderate texting on whatsapp and web browsing. Probly for less than 3 hours of total screen on time. The screen was the biggest power draw again here. Is the battery for this phone just ****? Or is something about this off? Ive read a lot about battery problems, it just seems weird that the battery meter says its almost half my screen draining the power so fast. When Im web browsing lightly the percentage drops by 1% every 2 minutes or so...

Please help? Thanks for any replies


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Dec 4, 2012
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Re: Brand new phone, fast battery drain for no reason, please help

Welcome to Android Central. I would give it another day. The battery may still be in a break in period.
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