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Why does my Galaxy 6 ringtone only last for two (2) rings??


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why does my galaxy 6 ringtone only last for two (2) rings??

i have the ringtone setting turned up to the highest setting. when i get a call the phone will let out a soft ring then a loud ring. it stops for about 5secs repeats as described then goes to voicemail. can any one help me figure this out. I have missed numerous calls because of this situation?


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Nov 12, 2012
Re: why does my galaxy 6 ringtone only last for two (2) rings??

Ringtime is actually set by the carrier... And you can program it. Proof that it is at the carrier end is that when I did it on one phone, the new setting follows my SIM to another phone.

- Note that this is for GSM... If you are on a CDMA network like Sprint or VZW call customer service and ask them to extend your ringtime -

Open the Phone App and dial *#61# then press "Call"

On the resultant screen y
ou can verify how long the phone rings, mine was 20 seconds by default on Straight Talk and Cricket. 20 seconds seems to be the norm now. It also shows the number your calls forward to for your voicemail service.

Make note of the +xxxxxxxxxxx number. I mean literally, write it down. > tap Close.

Dial **61*+xxxxxxxxxxx*11*yy then press "Call"

This will instruct your network. +xxxxxxxxxxx needs to be the number showing from your lookup and yy is the number of seconds you want the phone to ring. It must be in 05 second increments and you can only go to a max of 30.

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