Why does my Galaxy Note 3 keep automatically returning to the previous screen?


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Feb 16, 2016
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Galaxy Note 3 keeps automatically returning to the previous screen

Last summer I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Sprint. It was running KitKat. I tried upgrading to Lollipop and the phone bricked. After many efforts, I was able to get it on Lollipop unrooted. I didn't bother to try to root after this headache. I'm not sure if I had to revert back to KitKat and then go to Lollipop through Samsung Kies or if I was able to go straight to Lollipop from bricking. I believe I used Odin during this process. This happened late at night awhile ago so my memory is fuzzy.
Anyway, since then, the phone started doing this thing where it automatically returns to the previous screen, as it would if I pressed the back button. It continues to do this until it reaches the home screen and it can't go back any further. It does not open the multitasking window.
I do not believe this is a hardware malfunction issue. I used the tool in the "hidden" diagnostics menu that indicates when the back softkey is being activated. It NEVER indicated that the softkey was being activated no matter how long the tool was in use.
Instead of spending more time with the issue, I started using my GS4 again. Now, my GS4 has no more memory for apps, and I miss my Note so I'd like to use it again.
Anybody know what the heck is going on and if there is hope for the functionality of my Note???!

FYI: If it matters, I have updated the O.S. version using the phone's update menu at least once since this happened (i.e., I updated without using Kies or SmartSwitch).

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