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Why does my HTC One freeze up during boot up?


AC Question

Every time I try to turn my phone on, it freezes after a couple screens on one that says "HTC One beatsaudio". The only way I can even turn it off is by removing the battery. I have tried numerous times to do a factory reset, but even after it tries to boot up as part of the reset process, it freezes at the same screen and I have to remove the battery. Once I let it set for about an hour to see if it would finally move on, but instead it got extremely hot. Again, I had to remove the battery to turn it off. I tried downloading the HTC Sync Manager to my PC so I could try to update the ROM, but my PC won't recognize the presence of my phone at all, even though the phone charges from my PC through the USB. When I have it hooked up to the USB and try turning it on or resetting it, it freezes at the same screen and the PC doesn't see it. Any suggestions? Thanks!