Why does my HTC One M8 have slow Wifi on my home network?


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HTC One M8 slow Wifi on home network


I've noticed in the past couple weeks my m8 has had issues with slow wifi on my network at home. Trying to load pages on the internet either give a page saying there was a problem loading and try again or load incredibly slow. Also, I have no issues with any other device on my home network.

However, if I turn wifi off it works fine. I also have no issues with using the wifi at work. Now I have tried all quick fixes I could find searching on google. Nothing seems to have worked (restarting the phone, airplane mode, resetting the router, restarting the router, the wifi direct rename trick, etc).

This led me to believe it was an issue with the phone not playing nice with my router. I thought maybe I just needed to update the firmware on it. However it is a wireless gateway from xfinity and according to what information I could look up, comcast automatically updates the firmware on their gateways.

From what I read that only leaves playing around in the settings on the gateway. Now I poked around looking to see if I could figure out some of the settings changes people have suggested in other threads concerning this issue. However, I didn't see what I might have to change.

So, can anyone give me some help as to how to fix this concerning an xfinity wireless gateway? Please keep in mind I'm not the most technically inclined when it comes to messing around in software/hardware settings and things. So, please explain in detail if the fix is technical.


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