Why Does my LG G4 keep dying?


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Why Does my LG G4 keep dying>

Okay, so i bought my phone about 6months ago and was told by many people 6 months in the phone will start giving me charging problems and eventually keep dying while it was on charge. Well it's happening and it's making me want to throw the phone. I've read other peoples problems, and i've switched sockets, i still use the same charger that came with the phone. It's not the outlet. It is the phone. Last night it died on me so i just put in back on the charger and let it charge over night, WHILE IT WAS OFF. I wake up 8hrs later to turn my phone on and it only charged to 34pct. I proceeded with my day thinking maybe it wasnt plugged in correctly over night. Well I woke up at 10am, its now 6:39pm, My phone has been on the charger and hasnt gone past 17pct. Fix your LG's. I left iphone to get a phone that died while on the charger.. My iphone never did this at all. always stayed at 100pct even while playing my game. Please come out with a solution. or quit making andriods..

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