Why does my lightning charger work for my cell phone but not my tablet?

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I bought a Samsung lightning charger for my Samsung Tablet - it worked for a week and then it STOPPED charging. Now it keeps telling me to "make sure the correct cord is being used" and I get the annoying beeps.

I switched the USB cable out and used my LG USB cable and it started charging. The next day, same issue with the message and annoying beeps so this time I switched my Samsung tablet to the LG USB cord AND the LG wall charger and was able to charge my Samsung tablet.

The Samsung lightning charger charges my LG phones (not at lightning speed), my LG phone charger charges my Samsung tablet (not at lightning speed). My Samsung lightning USB and wall charger no longer charges my Samsung tablet. I'm confused as to what the hell is going on. The seller I bought the Samsung lightning charger from says they will send me a replacement. Why would the lightning charger work for a week and then just stop working for my tablet but works for my cell phones (not at lightening speed - it tells me it's going to take 3 hrs to fully charge)???


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Feb 12, 2012
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Fast chargers communicate with the devices they're charging, to see what the device needs. (Send 9 Volts or 12 Volts to a device that needs 5 Volts and you can blow it, but send that to a device that uses 9 Volts or 12 volts for faster charging and it charges faster.) It sounds like a communications failure, to the point that the charger can't tell what the Samsung tablet is, so it doesn't send anything to it. Parts do fail - if he's sending you a new one, and it works, chalk it up to "meet the real world".

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