Why does my phone crash then show a pixel-ish screen with diffrent colors in them?

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So, sometimes when im just in bed, i hear a buzz off of my phone. I go turn it on to see if it was a notification. Then it flashes this pixilated rainbow screen at my face and then it puts the screen there again bt it will stay for 2 minutes or so. Its colors are white, blue, yellow and red i think. And each time it happens, it or reboots or it is stuck in this endless loop of recrashing and heating up my phone.

The only thing i have noticed while in this rainbow state, is that it is taking screenshots when i want it to. It also reacts to the home button. It does not react to the touch screen or sleep button.

I have a samsung galaxy S5.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like the phone might be getting ready to fail completely. Make sure all of your important data is backed up or synced NOW, and consider getting a new phone.