Why does my phone spaz out when charging with a certain cord?

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I'm using a TCL ax3 running android 11, and was sitting at my desk on my phone when I got a low battery notification. I don't usually use the charger at my desk for my phone, but didn't want to put it on my bed. But after plugging in my phone using the desk charger, my touch would spaz out. Certain parts of the screen didn't work and it would take significant pressure for a touch to work. I got scared thinking my phone was broken until I unplugged it. After unplugging it, it worked fine. I then put my phone in my bed and plugged it into my bed charger, and was about to leave it there to charge, but it worked. If I use my bed charger my phone works perfectly fine, and touch works perfectly, but the second I use the desk cord, my phone has a seizure. I'm super confused and if someone has an answer as to why this happens, let me know.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! What's the brand and model of the desk charger? I've read about this kind of thing happening previously, and the best guess I have is that the charging cable is not properly shielded -- it might be generating an electromagnetic field that is interfering with the capacitative screen near where it plugs in. Can you try a different cable with the desk charger?

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Feb 23, 2011
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I've had this happen before, and B. Diddy is right. Either the desk cable isn't properly shielded, or (as was my case) is damaged.

Phone screens respond to touches by detecting the slight electrical impulses our bodies make. Anything that disturbs that detection can cause erratic touch response and ghost touches. This is usually due to a hardware failure inside the phone, but can be caused by other things like a bad cable. Even exceptionally dry air can sometimes cause erratic touch response.

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