Why does my PowerCase for my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge turn on, and then off?


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PowerCase for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge turns on, and then off

I bought one PowerCase two weeks ago. Actually two from the same online shop. One is charing itself if I charge it. But if I connect my mobile with it, and put the mobile in it, and then turn on the power button of the POWERCASE, the LED lights gets ON and then immediately OFF.

One night before I realised the problem, i connected the POWERCASE with the poweradapter, and inserted my phone also in the POWERCASE at the same time. First it started to charge my phone, and just 2-3 minutes later, it dropped the phone, and started charging the POWERCASE. what I mean is, I inserted the phone into the POWERCASE, connected the powercase with the electric source, and all that happen after that. I just left the powercase to charge fully overnight, and took the phone out of the powercase and charged separately. Next morning, I inserted the phone into the POWERCASE again, went to work, and when the Battery of the phone was low, I pressed the Power button of the powercase. But all what happened is the LED light turns on, and then turn off immediately :(

If I connect the powercase with electric source, the LED lights gets on, and it shows that it is charging, and after sometimes it shows that it charged fully. However, I cannot charge my phone with the powercase anymore :((

Does anybody know wh it happens? The other one is working perfectly. But this one worked 2 weeks continuously, and now .....!

I hope its not damaged somehow.

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