Why does my Samsung Galaxy S3 neo constantly reboot when not in use?


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Samsung galaxy s3 neo constantly reboots when not in use

Yesterday I got a brand new Samsung galaxy s3 neo, and I have a problem with it. Before I even put any apps on it, it reboots when it is not in use. I analysed the problem all evening and this is what i noticed:

- It does NOT reboot randomly when connected to a charger.
- Putting a different battery in does NOT resolve the problem.
- Resetting factory settings does NOT resolve the problem.
- It does NOT recharge when being used (screen on, etc)
- when the screen is off, and it is not being charged, it will reboot every few seconds, whether or not I enter my pin.

At the moment I put the new battery and sim card in my old Samsung Galaxy s3, which works perfectly after 3 years. I'm truely baffeled.

The tips I did have is that I should root my device (don't know what that means) and limit the CPU. I don't really know how to do this, but I'm also kind of frustrated that a new phone shows these issues.

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Re: Samsung galaxy s3 neo constantly reboots when not in use

Welcome to Android Central! If it's brand new, it may not be worth the hassle of troubleshooting. Bring it back to the store and ask for an exchange or refund. Otherwise, you could contact Samsung for warranty repair.

Offhand, I'd suspect either a faulty power button, microUSB port, or motherboard.

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