Why does my Samsung Galaxy S5 have touch screen stop working?


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I got a Samsung Galaxy S5 refurbished phone from AT&T when my last phone's charging port malfunctioned. I was okay with this new Galaxy S5 though, until the last few months. I can have my phone just charging overnight and when I go to type in my pin or swipe up to unlock screen, the touch screen just doesn't work and doesn't respond. I can't just power off and restart because you have to hold down the power until the screen gets a box with options that you have to touch in order to get it to power down. So, I have to take out the battery, which I HATE doing to the phone.

But even when I put the battery back in, 9 times out of 10 (not even exaggerating) when I turn phone back on, the screen is still not responding.

I've only got about 5 apps that weren't already on phone by Samsung/AT&T...

I've searched for help online, I've called Samsung support at 1-800-726-7864 and i've gone on an AT&T help chat room thing where I could talk to representative... but they couldn't help me either.

Please, I'm getting very desperate, this morning I've been trying to get it to respond since 7am!


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Jun 10, 2014
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Whatever the problem, it sounds like you need either a repair, or a replacement phone.

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