Why does my Samsung say its charging but isn’t?

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Hi! So, I’ve had my Samsung galaxy s8 for a year now, got it second hand from my grandma, and it worked perfectly fine. Today it snowed outside and I was calling someone. Usually whenever it’s cold my phone dies at like 20% already, but I carry a powerbank often with me.

So, when I try to charge it at home, it’s being really weird. It tells me it is charging because the circle around the percentage is flickering, but the little red light left upper corner does not turn on. It also hangs at 0%. However, when I start up the phone anyway it is perfectly able to function (apart from the fact it dies in a minute due to 0%). It can open apps, log in, everything.

I’m so confused right now and nothing on the internet helps me.


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Jan 11, 2014
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If your phone is shutting off due to cold it's either ridiculously cold or the battery is failing. If charging off the power bank it's also possibly an issue with that.

Best thing to do is let it sit on a charger for awhile without bothering it, repeatedly turning it on and letting it die again isn't going to help.

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