Why does my status bar (clock, battery, signal, wifi) keep constantly hiding?


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status bar (clock, battery, signal, wifi) keeps contantly hide and shows...

Greetings, i dont know how to start... so i have gs4 and my status bar keep hide and show itself from time to time. Sometimes everything is normal, sometimes is not. I installed material design the new android - v 5.0.1. Im not sure if is that the problem, but i dont believe it. It looks like something crash and my phone start check something i dont know... My phone was rooted before 4 months i unrooted it completely (im sure i did it right way) just giving the information. Im not using any launchers, i tryed some of the launchers but already uninstalled every single. Just using clean master and cm security and a regular apps like fb messenger whatsapp viber etc.. it is real annoying!!! I searched on the internet before a month or so... but i gaved up since find 0 info about it. But this is so much wierd and finally decied to look for a help from Android Central guys. Really hope for a help.

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