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Why does my unlocked LG G3 D850 lose 4G LTE connectivity?


New member
Feb 8, 2016
Unlocked LG G3 D850 losses 4G LTE Connectivity

I bought a LG G3 D850 and use cricket wireless as my wireless provider. It keeps losing the 4G LTE connectivity and goes down to Edge ( 2G I think ) and doesn't refresh or go back to 4G. It takes about an hour of two to lose the 4G signal. If I turn the airplane mode on / of or go to mobile networks and toggle the data on / of, the 4G LTE signal returns for a short time.

The cricket APN has set itself under access point names. I don't know what to do.
Also cricket doesn't send an sms message or push any kind of update.

Can someone give me any suggestions?

Thank you for your time.


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: Unlocked LG G3 D850 losses 4G LTE Connectivity

Welcome to the G3 forum, and please forgive the tardy reply.

As a first step, have you asked your carrier to check that the SIM is good?

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