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Why does my volume go up and down by itself when using an aux cable?


AC Question

I have an LG Escape 2 and I have always used it for music in my car. I would always use my aux cable, and I never had a problem until maybe a month or two ago. Now whenever I connect the cable, my phone starts to spaz out. It will start lowering or raising the volume by itself, pause songs, or skip a ton of them. It would also keep bringing up the Google Voice Assistant too, and it got so annoying I had to disable that app. I pretty much have to plug the cable in correctly, and place it perfectly in my car cupholder, or else it will start going crazy.

Another thing I seemed to notice is that it happens almost exclusively with cables that have two contacts on the jack. I plugged a pair of headphones in with three contacts in interestingly enough I didn't have this problem. Should I buy a cable with three contacts or can i somehow fix this another way?


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Jan 11, 2014
I've had a similar issue, I blame it on the headphones since the problem has followed them to new phones.