Why doesn't my Galaxy S5 let me update?


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why doesnt my galaxy s5 let me update

hello I've been trying to update my phone for the longest and it doesn't work so I wen to the sprint store so they can fix it but it still didn't work so know I'm emailing you guys to see what can I do to finally update my phone and I think because my phone is not updated that now when I try to buy an app on google play that it wont let me it just says Error retrieving information from server.{DF-DFERH-01} and I don't know what that means and it says when it doesn't download is Unable to update software. A network or server error occurred. Try again later or go to Samsung Kies on your PC to update your device. Please help me thank you.


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May 10, 2011
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Re: why doesnt my galaxy s5 let me update

Are you trying to update apps from the play store only, or update your phone software and also apps from the Play store?

For the Play store error, try these steps:
First you have to go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications
Once here you go to the "All" tab.
Seek the Google Play Store app and press "Clear Data" button.
Then look for "Google Services Framework" or "Google Service Framework" application and do the same.
Then restart the phone, wait a minute and ready.