Why don't some apps download on my SD-card? (Nokia 5)

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I've formatted my SD-card as internal, but not all of the apps that I download can be downloaded on the card. And if I go to the app there is no option to change the directory, though they aren't essential apps for the system. Apps like these are for example: OneDrive, OneNote, Reddit, Spotify, Steam, WhatsApp and the list goes on. Why is this?


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Feb 12, 2012
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If you format the card as internal, Android decides what goes where. As for changing the directory, downloads go to Download. Always. And apps are installed to wherever Android installs them. (But you have more storage now, so you can download more and install more.) You don't logically have an "external SD card" any more, it's just storage tacked on to the existing storage in the phone. If you want a separate "card", format it as external.

(The whole reason for adoptable [internal] storage was for the cheap 8GB phones coming out in the past couple of years - to effectively add more "internal" storage. If your phone has 32GB or more of internal storage, the card should be formatted as portable or external.)