Why has my HTC 1 M8 stopped syncing my multiple Outlook calendars?


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HTC 1 M8 has stopped syncing my multiple Outlook calendars

Since installing the new Outlook app last week, my phone calendar will only show events saved in my Outlook personal calendar as well as my husband's personal calendar. We both have multiple calendars in outlook like, work, school, birthdays etc but none of these events are showing up.

It's still syncing with outlook as new personal events are showing up. I've gone into accounts where it lists all the calendars to sync and both outlook accounts are checked but there is no button or menu anywhere that lets you tick which calendars from outlook you want to show.

I've made sure that the Outlook app on my phone is syncing all my outlook calendars and I can see all of my events in the Outlook calendar but I don't like their calendar as I can't see events in a month view and as my brain works with pictures not lists I'm finding this incredibly frustrating!

Is there anything I can do?!


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Apr 21, 2013
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Re: HTC 1 M8 has stopped syncing my multiple Outlook calendars

I have noticed the same thing - seems like the new Outlook app's calendar doesn't work well with the rest of Android.

You may wait for Microsoft to fix it (if in fact they consider it a defect and not a feature to keep users inside the Microsoft apps, making it easier to switch to a Windows Phone next time).

Or, you can set up your Outlook.com accounts in the standard mail app (may require manual setup though - let me know if I can assist)

Or, you can switch to another email app that handles both Outlook.com and calendars well (I use Nine myself).

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