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Why has my Samsung Tab 8.4 SM700 started to intermittently reboot in mid process?


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My Samsung Tab 8.4 SM700 has started to intermittently reboot in mid process.

In the last month my tab has started to intermittently reboot in mid process, there does not seem to be a common process that triggers the reboot. I have also noticed occasional instability in the display (flickering) preceding the reboot.

When the tab unexpectedly reboots , it then seems to go into a loop rebooting multiple times. Closing the case flap on the case for 5 mins sometimes stops the reboot loop (note I have a slip of card covering both the camera and the eye sensor). The most reliable, if inconvenient fix is to plug the tab into the power (even though often the battery indicator is better than 70%) to stabilise the tab.

This issue started around the sametime that Lollipop was downloaded, I am therefore wondering if there is a connection.

Any advice , guidance much appreciated (note: I am a relative IT novice)


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Apr 29, 2015
Re: My Samsung Tab 8.4 SM700 has started to intermittently reboot in mid process.

Based on your description, battery's capacity fluctuation , flickering screen, auto reboot, auto shutdown.....all symptoms of loose or cracked battery connector. Re solder the battery connector will fix the problem.

Read this threat from page 3, you will see they all have the same problem like yours, common seen in samsung tablets


You can verify it by open the rear case, turn on your tablet, press directly on the battery connector when problem starts, you will see what happens.

battery connector.JPG
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