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Why has my top speaker stopped working and my touch screen is going odd during calls?


New member
Mar 9, 2012
Top speaker not working, and touch screen odd during calls

I have 2 issues with my Nexus 4, running 5.0.1.

1) When I watch a video or play any kind of audio, the sound doesn't work. When I receive a call I can't hear the person calling, though they can hear me. The ringer rings when I get a call, and if I put calls on speaker phone I can hear them. I did a factory reset and it didn't help. How easy is it to replace that speaker or whatever needs to be replaced?

2) When I'm on a call, the screen goes blank. If I push the on button, the screen flashes on and then goes black. If I tap the screen, rotate the phone, or push the button, nothing happens. So I can't access the keypad or anything during a call. If I'm on skype, the screen is black so I can't see the video, and can't seem to get the screen to light up. As soon as the call ends (skype or regular call), the screen comes back on. Any idea what could cause this?

Thanks in advance.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
Re: Top speaker not working, and touch screen odd during calls

1) It could be the speaker or the earphone jack. How easy it is to replace them? How skilled are you at working on tiny electronics? It's something to do in your sleep if you're a cellphone technician, it's not something to even think about if you're a klutz.

2) Sounds like a bad proximity sensor.

The earphone jack and proximity sensor are one piece in that phone. You can get the part for about $15. If you know what you're doing, that will probably fix both problems. The speaker is about $5.

If you screw anything up, it'll prbably cost you $100 or more in labor for a shop to go over the entire phone to make sure that you don't bring it back in the following week and blame them for something you broke that they missed. Plus the parts and labor for the original job. It's usually cheaper to let them do it the first time if you don't have any experience.