Why have all of my apps stop working?


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all my apps stop working

All my apps from touch wizard till the games i download crash randomly. "the app has stopped" "this app slowed your phone down".

When i want to start listening music after 2 seconds the songs stops and just repeats, it does not play the full song only the first 2 seconds in an infinite loop.

Sometimes he randomly reboots, when my alarm goes off it goes for about 0.5 sec then it stops. When i get a phone call it plays the call tune for about 1 sec and just stops. For messages its the same problem.

When i am talking on the phone (if for some reason i heard the 1 sec sound) and i get a message i dont hear the person anymore whos talking to me and all my sound goes away. untill the length of the message tone is done (but i dont hear the message tone...

i did a soft reset, factory settings, hard reset... for some reason i think its the firmware but i really dont have a clue can someone help me because its the 4th time i need to go to the shop for waranty and im getting a little angry now as a 800 euro phone should not go 4 times under waranty in 9 months....

Thanks in advance

Sorry for the bad english

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Feb 9, 2016
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Re: all my apps stop working

I'm surprised the factory reset didn't work... Have you tried running in Safe Mode?

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