Why have all text messages and shared content from just one of my contacts disappeared

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The contact is still there but when I tap on it to send a message all our previous text and all shared content is gone. It is as if I just made the contact and have not messaged eachother yet. So I instantly appearing to b for the first time messaged my wife. This is how it read; me #1 - "D*m", me #2 - "WTF 🤬😠😡😤" ., me #3 - "I'm so F*** pissed I have lost all 17,675 texts between us!", me #4 - "Did u delete them?", Her #5 - "No!!", me #6 - "All mine r missing & nothing backed them.", her #7 - "It's weird the last couple days ur text & calls have been coming through not what I have u under as contact but ur actual first & last name!!". At this point she got very curious, suspicious & concerned as we had shared photos some being risque' in our text. She quickly checked to make sure she still had all correspondence between us on her phone. What she found deepened the mystery. Yes all our texts & shared content was still there but contact was not. It was under my first & last name not what she had me as contact & not even as a contact at all. It actually comes up as "is not a contact" when I message her or call her. It's so strange & confusing it makes it difficult to explain so I'm hoping it's making some sense without sending u to thick of a book. So where it stands now is she still has all our content but under my name w/notification that I messaged & am not a contact. And I still have her as original contact I made her but only content sense the text I sent that said "D*m" when I first discovered the issue. Hoping someone can understand my confusing description & will b able to help us. Thank u for taking the time to read.

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