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Why have my keyboard keys moved around?


AC Question

keyboard keys have moved around!!!!!!!

I'm using the default keyboard that came with my lg g4..... Just randomly today I went to send a text and the "A" and "Q" button are switched, as well as the "W" and "Z" keys!!!!! I've tried restarting a couple times but the keys remain! When I swype it registers them as being in their new locations as well so it's all the way thru to programming! HELLLPPP I don't want to relearn the "A" key up in the corner.

Javier P

Feb 21, 2014
Re: keyboard keys have moved around!!!!!!!

It seems that the keyboard layout changed to AZERTY. Check in your keyboard settings and change the layout back to QWERTY. With some keyboards this can be done swiping right or left on the space bar.