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Why I didn't get nougat update on my devices samsung s7 edge SM-G935FD


AC Question

From 2 weeks I bought 2 samsung s7 edge SM-G935FD (United Arab Emirates) .
One of them got the nougate update and from 3 days ago get the 7.1 nougate update, the other one didn't received any update and if I check manually its say :"The latest updates have already been installed Current version : G935FXXU1BPLB/G935F0JV1APC8/G935FXXU1BPJJ
Is there any problem in this device ? should I return to store and replace it with another phone ?
Why the first one got the update and the second not even they have the same model number and country ? .

And should I download manually the nougate firmware from a site and install it to my phone ?


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Jan 17, 2016
You should wait patiently until you get the update... They stagger the OTA update releases so they don't overload the servers. Be patient.


New member
Sep 28, 2012
Oh, there is a 7.1 our there? Didn't know that. Verizon just gave me a 7.0 update this morning. But then Verizon is always late.