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Why is Google Play Music only uploading parts of songs?


AC Question

I'm using Google Play Music Manager to upload my iTunes library. There are about 24,000 songs. The majority have uploaded without issue but in some cases I only get the first 5 to 30 seconds of a song. Often the majority of songs on an album will upload correctly but 1 or 2 songs will only upload partially. Those songs do exist as complete tracks in my iTunes library. I tried calling Google help but as soon as I mentioned that the songs originated in iTunes the tech insisted I needed to call Apple, so no progress there. My device is a Turbo 2, about a month old. Has anyone else seen this issue?

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! Do any of these tracks have DRM?

Try deleting those partial tracks from your Google Play Music library, then use the Upload option on the Play Music website (not the Music Manager) to upload those tracks only.


New member
Jul 5, 2016
Some of my tracks do have DRM (about 2% of the total) but those just don't upload at all. I know there's software to strip off the DRM, which I will look into when I get around to it. The partial tracks seem to be a different issue. I'll try the method you suggested, thank you!

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