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Why is it so difficult now to see S6 Edge plus files on my pc?


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Why is it so difficult now to see s6 edge plus files on my pc?

I connected my s6 edge + to my pc via USB and whilst WIndows Explorer listed the device, I could not expand it to see the files. I can do this on my other Galaxy phones. Research shows that there is now some convoluted way to do it, I had to find About Device...Software Info....Build Number and tap this 7(?) times until it told me I was now a developer(!!). Then back to Settings and now I see 'Developer Options' under the System section, I select this and then switch on USB Debugging.

Is someone in Samsung having a laugh? Why on earth is it now so difficult when every phone I've had, be it Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, connects easily to Windows Explorer.


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Jan 5, 2012
Re: Why is it so difficult now to see s6 edge plus files on my pc?

Nobody is having a laugh. You have misunderstood. There is no need for USB debugging to be enabled. It's a matter of using the correct drivers on the PC and the correct cable. Since Windows 10 some are experiencing difficulties whereas others aren't. There's currently no Win10 drivers for Samsung although when I upgraded from Win7 Pro to 10 I have had no issues. It's not clear from your post if you are still having issues