Why is my battery draining so fast on my LG G2?


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Dec 13, 2014
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My phone drains about 10% every maybe 20 minutes and i have 0% brightness on. it says that screen is using 34%, Android OS 16%, Android system 12%, com.android.brower:sandboxed_process7 8% (whatever that is), com.android.browser:sandboxed_process0 7% (whatever that is) and the rest is very minimal usage such as Wi fi and Home. The expected time says 4 hours and 17 minutes right now (87%) . I just got this phone yesterday because my old LG G2 was broken and now it just plain out drains like crazy. PLZ HELP ME


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Feb 12, 2012
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1) A new phone will draw a lot of battery the first few days, as Android does "housekeeping" things and "settles in".

2) If the screen is off (charge the battery fully, turn the screen off and look at the battery usage about 2-3 hours later) and it's using 34% of the power being used, there's something wrong. I've been using my screen, off and on, to answer questions (mostly off), and it's used about 5% of the total.

If it doesn't settle down by about Wednesday, I'd go to them (or call, if the carrier doesn't have local stores) and tell them that the replacement has to be replaced.


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Dec 21, 2013
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A couple other things to consider that may help long term:

1. Turn off "location" if you are not using it. I work in a large building with poor GPS reception and a WiFi that I do not want to connect to and location was draining my battery very fast. Turning it off before work and back on after work gains me another 20% battery back

2. Turn off Bluetooth if you are not using it.. I connect to my car on the way into work but nothing else at work. Once i'm disconnected, its not supposed to look for signals but I've found that turning it off when not in use saves battery.

3. Adjust "sync" times with apps that regularly try to sync data. Apps like facebook and weather apps are continually trying to update and also rely on location settings and can drain battery. If you are not a big facebook user, set the sync settings to a much longer time. You can always "refresh" if you need to update. Weather apps are big hogs too so I set mine to update every 4 hours. If I need to see what the weather is like I just look out the window. :)

4. Wifi - hit and miss on that. I turn it off if I don't use it and it seems to make a difference but I've read some articles saying turning it off makes no difference. I don't like to connect to my work WiFi, so I turn it off. Seems to save battery for me.

EDIT: One HUGE battery hog is google music sync. If you use Google Play Music as one of your music players it will constantly try to sync your music files and drain the battery very fast. It also results in Google Play Services and Media taking up a lot of battery % in the battery stats.

Going into google settings and unchecking the sync box for music will make a big difference. It is also one of the reasons for the significant battery drain after resetting or getting a new phone.

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