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Why is my battery having issues charging?


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Hello!! 2 nights ago, I plugged in my phone, and it was at 74% when I went to bed. When I woke up, it was at 12%, turned off, but still charged in. I haven't been able to fully charge it since. I am not using my original charger because that one broke. Last night, it reached 100%, but when I woke up, it was back down to 20%. What would be the reason for it not charging even though its plugged in? ( Its plugged into the wall also)


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Feb 12, 2012
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Wait until it's at 20% (or 40% if you can catch it there - that's the lowest you should discharge any lithium battery)Go to Settings/General/Battery and take a screenshot. Tap the graph at the top and take a screenshot. Post them both here. See How To Post Screenshots on Android Central for instructions if you can't see how to post them.

The graphs may tell us what's happening. (It could be a bad battery.)

Also, what make and model phone? And look at the label on the charger you're using. Look for the line labeled Output. How many mA or A (or Amps) does it say? If the charger is under-powered, and the phone is using more current than the charger can supply, all you'll get by plugging in the charger when the phone is on is a slower discharge. The charger can't supply as much current as the phone is using, so some of that current is coming from the battery - even with the charger plugged in.

You can also try running in safe mode (search safe mode your-phone-model to find how to do that) to see if it's some bad app that's causing the problem. Safe mode starts the phone without any of the apps you've installed since you got it.