Why is my device performance slowing down over a few hours?


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Feb 8, 2016
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So I bought a Ulefone Be Touch 3 2 months ago, it's a great phone, has a nice octa-core processor, 3Gb RAM and a good GPU but for some reason, despite looking through loads of forums ican't find a fix for my problem.
What seems to be happening is over approxiamtely 13 hours of use i believe the RAM is becoming clogged and this leads to slow performance on the OS. What starts as very nice, smooth/fluent animation on the default lockscreen and closing apps down on the home page becomes very slow, and the drop in frames and response time is reduced. The device lags only in these functions, swiping between pages on the homescreen isn't laggy or slow and opening apps is fine too, but it won't have a buttery smooth lockscreen or close apps slide animation. (It's the animations that are lagging)
The only way to restore the fluency on the device is a restart of the phone, i really would like to get this solved as i don't want to be restarting my phone every number of hours

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! When it bogs down, show us a screenshot of the Settings>Apps>Running menu. http://forums.androidcentral.com/am...ide-how-post-screenshots-android-central.html. It would be helpful to see how much RAM is actually taken up, and what is running.

Chinese phones tend to preinstall useless (and also counterproductive) "RAM booster" apps. If your phone has anything like this, stop using it (or Disable it in the Settings>Apps menu). Lots of people think RAM boosters help, but in the long run, they can really impact both performance and battery life if they're constantly closing apps to "free up RAM." Since the Android system prefers RAM to be mostly full, the system will just reopen apps again, which takes time and energy. If the RAM booster closes the apps again, then you get into a vicious loop that wastes more CPU cycles and battery power. In addition, apps that are already in RAM will open much more quickly, so if the system is busy closing apps all the time, apps will take more time to start back up when you really need them.

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