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Why is my Galaxy S5 insisting on Location Reporting?

Steve Waring

New member
Apr 11, 2013
Why is my Galaxy S5 insisting on Location Reporting

I recently upgraded to a Galaxy S5. Initially I was able to set Location to use Power Saving (WiFi and Modile networks, no GPS). I was able to dismiss the "Improve location accuracy" with "Don't show again" and Disagree.

However, now whenever I turn on Location, the "Improve location accuracy" pop-up appears, and if I tick "Don't show again" the Disagree option is disabled and you only have Agree.

Worse, if I try and change location mode from GPS to Power Saving, and touch Disagree, the option reverts back to GPS only.

I don't use Google Now and I'd rather Google did not track my location.

Why has this changed and is there anyway I can use Power Saving without Google tracking.