Why is my HTC One X's stock email app consuming a lot of data?


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I noticed I was chewing through a lot of data this month (26gigs with 9 days to go). Started poking around on my phone and it seems to be my native mail app. I opened my mail app to have a look and noticed that it was syncing every email in my yahoo inbox (almost 6000). This happens every time I open the app and probably every five minutes since that is how often I have it set up to sync. I have turned it off for now. In the settings I have it set to sync every five minutes and only the last three days of my inbox.

Back story: Over the past few years I have noticed my data usage going up higher and higher. It was frustrating but I chalked it up to all the newer technology (even though my usage hasn't changed). So I kept buying bigger data plans. At the same time, I have been very frustrated with my HTC ONE X that I have had for several years. I often find my phone to be hot and the battery drains fast. Not constantly. Sometimes it is fine for weeks then all of a sudden I get battery drain. Well, I have noticed that my battery has been draining this past week (while at work and not using the phone). I noticed that the spike in data usage from my mail app coincides with this. I think my phone is syncing 6000 mails from the last ten years every five minutes.

Could this be a bug? Is there a way to delete the native app? Can I re-install it?

Phone: HTC ONE X
Software: 4.1.1
WiFi is always off
Bluetooth is always off
Location settings and satellite is always off



Mar 3, 2014
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I did a little more research. This is what I found for data usage from just my email app all the way back to August.

Feb - 14.53 GB (so far)
Jan - 687 MB
Dec - 685 MB
Nov - 686 MB
Oct - 756 MB
Sep - 661 MB
Aug - 710 MB

Edit: I am the original author of this thread. I forgot to log in first so it shows up as guest.

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