Why is my LG Optimus G (E975) asking for a PIN/password after a software update?


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LG Optimus G (E975) asking for PIN/password after software update ... HELP!

LG has an abysmal and bug-laden "Mobile support tool" ; I used it last night to upgrade the software to Android 4.4 of L's terrible firmware.

Large file downloaded and phone was in "download mode". Next time I looked at phone this message appeared:

"Enter PIN/password to decrypt. 30/30 attempts remaining."

I have NEVER KNOWN of any PIN or password for this phone. LG phone support suggested I try "0000" (which I already had) and to reset the phone by pressing volume down and power buttons simultaneously. Phone does not respond to this, it is locked in password/PIN paghe.

Does anyone know what on Earth I can do?? This is so irritating and the last straw for LG in my books; well made phones with terrible design and software!


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: LG Optimus G (E975) asking for PIN/password after software update ... HELP!

Bring it to your carrier. See if they can flash the ROM properly. (You'll lose all your data, but you can't get to it anyway.) Or, if you have photo ID proving that it's your account, they may remove the PIN/password lock for you.

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Jul 30, 2015
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thanks for your advice ... did chat with my carrier and they couldn't help as I got the phone from eBay ... Korean spec model (E975 rather than E75K ... ???) with a long antenna for digital radio in sth Korea. I learned how to reset phone (pressing volume down plus power button twice).

So yeah the phone has reset itself and updated to Android 4.4 (lost all data) but now IT DOESN'T RECOGNIZE MY SIM CARD. WHHHHYYY????? Maybe I'll get an iPhone lol ... sick of all this!

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