Why is my Nexus 4 screen flickering and making a crackling noise?


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I am trying to figure out what is causing the screen of my Nexus 4 to flicker and make a crackling noise. When I unlock my screen lately I cannot 'swipe down' to view notifications and need to go to the app itself in order to clear the notifications and sometimes even this does not work.

Quite often when I tap the 'app' button and select an app to use almost immediately the screen statrs flickering rapidly and changing between battery graph, camera, settings app, notification drop down menu, user screen, icon screen that shows wifi blutooth aeroplane simcard etc and is also accompanied by a 'crackling' noise and near the camera lens seems to get hot. At times the screen does not respond to input and the only way to stop this madness is to press the power button to lock the screen. This results in rapid discharge of the battery.

I have also experienced the device randomly switching off during the night after a full charge on ac. I have read a couple of articles relating to battery issues here which may be helpful but I have not come across any on screen flicker like I am experiencing.

I don't have any visible cracks on my screen and the phone is in a cruzerlite 'bumper' case which should protect it when it falls on ground. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

I have also experienced

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