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Why is my Note 4 destroying headphones/charges


New member
Sep 12, 2016
I have been having problems with my note 4
headphones last about 2 weeks first 1 ear stops working then they both do
Chargers and usb cables seem the same
What can it be i also have problems with screen shots not working with the power/home button
Never been dropped or had any liquid damage?
how can my new fast charger work fine for 2 weeks then just charge extra slowly
i have gone through 6 pairs of headphones in the last few months and genuine samsung heaphones also get destroyed?


Well-known member
Jun 1, 2010
Sounds like a defective device. My note 4 does not have any of those issues.
Do these headphones and data cables that get damaged on your note 4 work on other devices?
also how are they being damaged.
Are the connectors physically being damaged, or the speakers not working?
Could be user error if your pulling on the cords to unplug them and thats causing the damage.