Why is my OnePlus 9RT Media Storage app taking so much space?


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Jun 27, 2022
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So, as the title asks, the Media Storage app in my OP 9RT 128gb is taking well over 50gb of space! Someone on Reddit and also OP Forum said that it is just virtual/miscalculation. But the problem is, the 128gb version has around 113gb space available and due to the Media Storage app taking over 50gb of storage and space used is becoming almost 110gb. This prevents me from installing any big app like Genshin Impact as Play Store shows me that I have to uninstall some apps to make space!!!
As some suggested, over a Twitter thread, I cleaned the recycle bin of my gallery, there wasn't much to clean anyway, just some Mb as this is a fairly new phone. Then I reset the device and after that just to taste I put a media folder,containing movies, of 6.8 gb of size on my phone and the Media Storage app went from some Mb to 6.8 Gb of storage!!!! So, essentially it is doubling the media files on my phone, at least while calculating the space used!
I'm asking if anyone of you had this issue and did it ever get solved? Is this problem particular to my device only? Please advise guys!!!
P.s. This was first seen a few days back while I was on Oxygen OS 11 and now the issue is still there is Oxygen OS 12 also!!!