Why is my OS taking up 28 gigs?


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Jul 14, 2018
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I have a galaxy s6 and i only have 32g of internal memory i also have a microsd reader with a 64g microsd. Why is so much being taken? My apps only take up about 5gigs and the rest is mysterious.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Internal storage is partitioned into a few (or more) partitions - download, recovery, system, vendor, etc. Only 1, userdata, is available for you. That's just the way Android works. The OS seldom takes up more than 8GB - if you're subtracting free space from 32GB and coming up with 28GB, your math is wrong. You have to subtract all the partitions other than userdata. (Learn a little Linux [which is the OS that Android runs in], install a terminal app, and look at the internals of the phone. The df command will give you some idea.)