why is my phon shutting down suddenly?

mohammad pak

New member
Jan 22, 2019
My phon is Huawei g700 ,and it's 4 years old.details of problem: 1)when i am using phon it some times suddenly shuts down.
2)When i try to turn it back on , i must push the power bottom several times.
3)when turns on, the percentage some times is same as the shut down time, and often is 1 or 3 %.
4) it takes too much time to full charge.
5)when reaches full it's battery percentage downs from 100 to 50 as fast as possible.
6)When it shows a percentage, it is not true.because i use a voltmeter.
7)When i plug in the charger , the huawei lego shown several times and the the vibrator turns on and off without the phon turn on.
8)the battery percentage goes fast to low.

Laura Knotek

Moderator Captain
Jan 8, 2011
Welcome to Android Central.

Is this the same battery you've had for already 4 years? Most likely the battery is no longer good. You'll need to get a new battery or get a new phone.