Why is my phone screen in black and white

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I was watching tv and goes to reach for my phone and the screen was black and white how can i fix the problem

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Look in the Settings>Display or Settings>Accessibility menus for options like Greyscale, Reader Mode, or Comfort Mode. If you have a Pixel or a more recent Samsung phone, look in the Digital Wellbeing app for the Wind Down option and turn that off.


Sep 24, 2019
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Under normal circumstances, the probability of accidental collision is high, and occasional use of mobile phone accessories such as charging cable is not original will occasionally appear.
There are two ways to solve it.
1. After opening the settings, find the "common items" inside, then find the "accessibility" in "General" and click to enter the auxiliary function. Then we find "Zoom" in "Accessibility" and then find "Zoom Filter" in "Zoom". At this time, we will find that the "zoom filter" shows "grayscale", then click to enter the selection interface, select "none", we will find that the color is back.
2. We use three fingers to click on the desktop at the same time on the main interface of the phone. At this time, we will open the magnifying glass. In this interface we can directly select the filter, then select "None" in the filter, you can quickly restore the color.