Why is my Samsung A22 not always connecting to wi fi?

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I have just purchased a Samsung A22 and I connected it to my home Wi-Fi. It is set to automatically reconnect. When I go out walking and return home the phone does automatically connect to the Wi-Fi. However, when I go out in the car, where the phone is connecting via Bluetooth, and then return to my home the phone will not automatically connect with the Wi-Fi and proceeds to use my mobile data until I manually connect it to the Wi-Fi. I bought the phone from Sky and their technical help said his does the same thing and he's waiting for an update from Samsung. I rang Samsung technical help and he said he'd never heard of it and I would have to disconnect my Bluetooth every time I got out of the car! - surely this can't be the case? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Dec 6, 2011
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Somewhere around the end things got a bit confusing. In your last line it says, ...I would have to disconnect my Bluetooth every time I got out of the car!, are you saying if you turn off BT or disconnect from the car's BT your device will automatically connect again?

Since you have a Samsung you can use Bixby maybe. Using Bixby routines you can have it automatically connect to WiFi when you're home. That uses a location based routine.

I have to say that I've never heard of BT affecting WiFi or at least in this way. There could be an app or something causing this issue. Are you using any data saver apps, malware, antivirus or memory booster apps? They can have bad side effects. What about your launcher? Are you using One UI or have you downloaded a launcher?

IDK, try Bixby let us know what you find.

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