Why is my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shutting itself off?


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Dec 7, 2014
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My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 keeps shutting itself off!

I purchased my Note 8 tablet on Amazon from a highly rated seller about 5 months ago. It is an unlocked At&t model. It was packaged in a new unopened box, seemingly never used before, but I'm not sure if it was refurbished or what, because I have been having a few issues with it. The most annoying and major one is the fact that it keeps shutting itself off when it's been sitting idly at random times, about 5 to 10 times a day. I do have a case with a magnet on it, now. However, it has been doing this since before I purchased the case... It has never shut off while I'm using it & it randomly does it no matter what percentage of battery I have remaining! Also, I can't just turn it back on with the power button... I have to reset it by holding the power button & volume up or down. Then, it comes up with 1 of 2 different screens: a warning about a custom Os installation that says, volume up to continue with custom Os or volume down to restart phone. I always choose the latter. The second screen has a list of options labeled Android system recovery 1. Reboot system now 2. Apply update 3. Wipe data/ factory reset 4. Wipe cache. I always choose to reboot the system. It is annoying! Help! I also have Trustgo antivirus & Cleanmaster antivirus & they haven't detected anything. Another annoyance, the MultiWindow option worked on two occasions in the beginning & hasn't worked since. Last thing, my touchscreen freezes randomly for about 5 seconds & I can't do anything. Please help! I've been searching Google & still haven't come up with any solutions. Thank you! :)

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 keeps shutting itself off!

Welcome to Android Central! Any seller can make a used or refurbished device look brand new in its packaging. Was it advertised as brand new? If not, then chances are it's used/refurbished, and therefore at higher risk for various issues like the ones you're facing.

When it shuts off on its own, it actually powers completely off (as opposed to the screen just going to sleep)? When you try to power back on, how long have you tried holding the Power button down? Sometimes you have to hold it down for 15-20 seconds.

But in general, it sounds like you have a lemon. I doubt the seller would give you an exchange or a refund, but it's worth asking them. If they won't, then do you know if the device is under warranty? Call Samsung for repair.

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