Why is my Sony XPERIA XA1 taking so long to update?

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Hi, I was sent a request to update my Sony XPERIA XA1 yesterday (Wed) evening. After selecting Continue, my phone began to update...it is still updating, and it has been over 2 hours. I was charging my phone at the time, and i took the charger out, with which the phone continued to update, but only until the battery ran out (not so sure when that happened, as I fell asleep! It was overnight). After charging it for a bit (up to 50%) i turned on the phone again this morning at 7am, the phone began to update again, and has not stopped. Is this normal?

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! How long was it trying to update for when the battery ran out? If it was only after about 30 minutes or so, that's worrisome, since if this happens during an update, that can brick a phone.

But if the update was already taking about 2 hours when the battery ran out, it sounds like there was a problem with the update process, in which case the phone might still be ok. When you turned the phone on again, did it boot to the homescreen? Or did it immediately go to that update screen again?