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Why is my tablet rebooting when I'm using the wifi hotspot?

ZAk Sugad

New member
May 29, 2015
my tablet is rebooting when im using wifi hotspot!

Why my tablet android samsung sam-gtp6200l keeps rebooting when im using wifi hotspot and when i tether my tab to my pc. since my tablet doesn't have wifi hotspot and tethering device. i download the apps only. i tried many apps but same results failed.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Re: my tablet is rebooting when im using wifi hotspot!

Welcome to Android Central! Are you trying to use the tablet as a wi-fi hotspot that your computer can connect to? Or are you using your computer as a wi-fi hotspot and trying to connect the tablet to the computer?

Did you install a 3rd party wi-fi hotspot app on the tablet? Which one? Chances are that app is making the system unstable.