Why is several adjustments missing in the Samsung gallery app after software update?

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This is so crap of Android! After updating Android software several functions in the Gallery app is missing and irrelevant things have been added instead. NOW it's not possible to adjust Saturation, Contrast, Tone, Light etc!! If you add thing Don't remove the best functions!! Now we have to download another app because of that. So crappy done! Put the functions back!!


Jul 14, 2011
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Just reminding you that it's not Android, it's Samsung. You don't have a Pixel, so the Android version you have is modified by Sammy, and their Gallery app is not a stock Android app (that would be Photos now). You can still modify those things but yeah, they have put those in the Samsung Photo Editor (which, like you said, it has to be a separate download, even though it's meant to be a part of the system... they're just giving you the choice not to have it if you don't use it).


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Nov 22, 2014
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People complain that Samsung puts too much stuff on their phones that it takes them too long to push updates, then when they accede and remove their stuff that delays updates, people get mad. You just can't please people.
They separated it so that they can update Android faster because then the features won't be tied to core apps that have to be edited as well when updating.
Those features you are complaining were never part of Android. They're something Samsung adds.


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Jan 11, 2014
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First, Google/Android didn't remove anything, it was Samsung that makes and changes their gallery app.

Second, It sounds like you just updated to Oreo, Samsung made changes to the app again, I know exactly what you are taking about.

Third, Those features are still there, tap the menu button (3 dots in the top right) and click open in photo editor pro.

Samsungs older devices did things similar to this and they went back to it with their newer software.