Why is the galaxy s3 better than all?

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IMO the s3 is the best of all of the galaxys

I got the s3 like 3-4 years back and it still works amazing today (except being outdated for some apps, but what can you do?)

I accidentally broke the charger port, so i had an external battery source for a while. My parents decided to get me a new phone and got me the s6.

Now it may just be me hating change, but the s3's lay out was so much better, It was simpler, easier, and adjustable. I've done all i can to make my s6 work like my s3 as much as possible. I've adjusted to the s6 now, so i dont mind it. but in my opinion, the s3 will always be better,

the middle button brings you home, holding it opens the tasks & windows that are currently open. instead of as on the s6, it opens camera, google talk back or whatever, google, etc etc.

the left tap had options where as the right has the back arrow. the back is still the same but now on the s6, it opens the windows instead of options. takes a while to get use to. but whatever

speaker is on the back and the flash is waaaayyy brighter and better. on the s6, the speaker is on the bottom of the phone. (along with the headphone port. why the bottom? the top is so much better -.-) and the flash is all yellow and ugly lmao.

okay well im rambling, i know most people like the newer phones. so ill shut up about that.

what im really making this post about, is, the s3 is better. Format, layout, display, size, & sound. Everything.


ok so on my new s6, it sounds AWFUL even with me changing the settings and adjusting. It's just bad. The soundalive is the same as on the s3, rock.. jazz... pop... custom.. etc...


I normally had mine set to rock on my s3 because it sounded so good. So i was relieved when i saw they had the soundalive option on the s6.


when i tapped it, it sounded completely **** and different than on my s3. It's upsetting, youd think it would sound BETTER since they are "improving" their devices

Is there anyway i can make the s6 sound like the s3? or is it out of my hands...