Why is the LG G2 such junk? What should I do with it?


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Have had this phone for about a year and 4 months and it is pissing me off. I want to throw it at a wall.

Here are some things that have been bothering me:

-Have a dead spot on my screen. I went to the drawing app and I have confirmed it is a dead spot. It's a little below the top of the screen and I can't swipe vertically around it, scroll down with it, or anything. I had an iPod for years and the touchscreen wasn't junk like this.

-Phone is slow when starting up.

-Phone randomly crashes, freezes, and starts up (never did this before)

-Sometimes, I will use the Chrome browser and I will search something. It will not search it and it gets stuck on the white screen.

-Bad battery life. One time, I was sitting in class with my phone on, but the screen was off. I didn't play any games, was at lowest brightness setting, and I didn't open up any apps. The battery drained from 100% to 76% without any activity in 1 and a half hours.

-Scratches very easily.

-Worst headphone jack EVER. It's so sensitive and the phone will sense the slightest movment. I will have the headphone plug in and it will not register at times

-Awful USB port. I have been using the original charger and the charger doesn't fit securely. It wiggles very easily and becomes unplugged easily.

-Charger is starting to not work. Part of the cord has opened up and I can see the internals now.


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Apr 23, 2011
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First and foremost, if the wires are exposed, stop using the charger immediately and get a new one. It could cause a short circuit, which could be dangerous.

Sorry to hear about your problems. I since you have numerous issues, I would recommend a factory data reset. The dead spot on the screen could have been caused by the phone being dropped . If you have insurance then it could be replaced under that as well as the damaged usb port

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Jun 10, 2014
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Welcome to Android Central.

The LG G2 is generally acknowledged to be one of the best devices of recent times, and still definitely worth buying. If you're having trouble with yours, I recommend registering here so that you can post in the G2 forum. Other users of the device will be glad to advise. :)

I'd very much like a G2 myself.

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