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Why is there a flipboard logo on my s5 even though I have unistalled the app

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I recently got a samsung s5 and now i can't seem to get rid of this flipboard logo which is constantly on my phone.

Even though I have unistalled the app it is still there is there anyway to get rid of it


Jul 14, 2011
Where do you see the icon? Flipboard was a part of the S5's OS as Flipboard Briefing (and is separate from the main Flipboard app).


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
And have you restarted the phone? Deleting the app while it's running won't close it - it will keep running in the background. You actually have to close an app (using the Back button) to close it. The Home button just runs the launcher, it doesn't close the app you're using.