Why is there a ree line scanning over my screen on a Motorola 51

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There is a red line like a scanner going over my page from top to bottom and as well it sucked boxes in red as well for no reason. On occasion it switches from Toronto bottom to left to right


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Jun 10, 2014
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What you’ve posted is not fully intelligible, but ignoring the unusual words, it sounds to me like a hardware defect, possibly leading to imminent screen failure. It could perhaps be something in Developer Options, though I don’t know what, but switching them off, if enabled, would be a simple test of that. Otherwise back up your personal data while you still can.

As you can see, I can produce much vette autó correct error s if I allow my keyboard to do what it likes, but it doesn’t get us very far. I know what I mean, but it mák it unnecessarily difficult for others to understand me.